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Island Hopping

Island Hopping

Explore secluded beaches, and pristine waters

Take a day trip to one of the many beautiful islands that surround Vanuatu. You can explore secluded beaches, swim in pristine waters, and enjoy a traditional island-style BBQ. From secluded hideaways to cultural encounters, the islands surrounding Port Vila offer a tapestry of natural beauty and authentic experiences, creating an enchanting escape in the heart of the South Pacific.

Tropical Tranquility

Explore the myriad island activities around Port Vila, where both adventure and serenity unfold. Day trips to Port Vila's surrounding Islands not only promise pristine beaches and cultural feasts but also unveil the captivating underwater world, creating a diverse tapestry of experiences in this tropical marine haven. Embark on captivating boat tours around Port Vila, Vanuatu, where azure waters beckon exploration. Discover hidden coves, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs as you cruise through the South Pacific, offering a unique perspective of the stunning coastal landscapes and marine wonders that surround this tropical paradise.

Top Island Activities in Vanuatu

Whether you're already planning your next adventure or simply seeking inspiration, our collection of Vanuatu moments will spark your imagination and leave you yearning for an escape full of life-changing experiences.

Hideaway Island Day Trip

Experience the allure of Hideaway Island with a day trip that combines crystal-clear snorkeling in the island’s marine sanctuary with unique activities like posting a waterproof postcard at the world’s only underwater post office.

Relax at Moso Island

Escape to the secluded paradise of Moso Island for a day trip from Efate. Immerse yourself in untouched beauty, relax on pristine beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and savor a taste of Vanuatu’s tranquility, just a short boat ride away.

Pele Island's Tropical Paradise

Indulge in a day trip to Pele Island where turquoise waters and white sandy beaches await. Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world, enjoy a traditional island feast, and discover the laid-back charm of this tropical haven in Vanuatu.

An unforgettable journey

Venture on an island-hopping adventure with Ramada's captivating experiences. Explore the beauty of Vanuatu's diverse islands and discover hidden gems along the way. Join us for an unforgettable journey filled with breathtaking landscapes and cultural encounters.